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What Happens to Ants in the Winter?

Ubiquitous in the spring and summer, ants don’t tend to appear much in colder seasons. Do ants hibernate in the winter? Do they make like geese and vacation down in Tijuana until Daylight Savings end? Or, do ants seeks shelter in the house?

Finding the Right Local Pest Exterminators

In the world of GTA pest control, it can be tough to find trustworthy local pest exterminators. That’s why we’ve made this handy guide for selecting the right pest control exterminator, so you can make an informed decision.

Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room: What to Do

After a 12-hour plane ride, another two in customs and the luggage carousel, you finally arrive. You set your luggage on the ground and jump into your hotel bed then you wake up in the morning with red welts all over your body.

How to Get Rid of Christmas Tree Bugs During the Holidays

Thinking about putting up a real Christmas tree this year instead of the same artificial one you’ve had for the past decade? In addition to leaving behind a mess of pine needles, they can also carry a variety of Christmas tree bugs like aphids and spiders that can stick around long after the holidays end.

How to Remove Animals in the Attic in Winter

There’s no greater impediment to a good night’s rest than the frenzied sounds of an animal in the attic scratching at night. Whether it’s mice or squirrels in the attic, the idea of wild animals scratching and defecating above you is not a recipe for restful sleep.