Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room: What to Do

After a 12-hour plane ride, another two in customs and the luggage carousel, you finally arrive. You set your luggage on the ground and jump into your hotel bed then you wake up in the morning with red welts all over your body.

You have bed bugs in your hotel room. What do you do now?

Signs of Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

Nothing ruins a long-awaited vacation faster than bed bugs in your hotel. In order to avoid becoming the blighters’ room service, the first thing you do in your hotel room should be a thorough bed bug search.

Signs of bed bugs in hotel rooms can be a bit harder to find as you aren’t as familiar with the space like your own home, and room service can get rid of common signs like bed bug eggs and shells, but the same principles apply.

You should peek behind all furniture for crevices where bed bugs may be hiding during the day. Also look under the bed sheets to see if the mattress itself has any brown spots or seams that signal bed bugs. While a bed bug search might be the last thing you want to do on vacation, it’s definitely worth the effort!

AirBnB Bed Bugs

While AirBnB is extremely popular these days, its main form of quality control are user reviews rather than any form of licensing or franchising. It’s extremely easy for unethical operators to post fake reviews to draw in guests, so it’s important to do an even more thorough bed bug search for signs of AirBnB bed bugs.

In addition to the signs mentioned above, keep an eye out for shells from hatched AirBnB bed bugs, as well as brown or red stains that might be crushed bed bugs or blood.

Hotel Bed Bugs Compensation

If you find bed bugs in a professional hotel that’s part of an accredited chain, you need to know the recourse you have available to you. Hotel bed bugs compensation can range depending on where you’re staying, but can include a bed bugs hotel refund or further free stays.

When seeking bed bugs compensation from a hotel, it’s important to record everything possible. That means taking pictures of the bed bug signs you found and keeping copies of your reports and correspondence with hotel management. Also, posting negative reviews on social media can be a good way to get further concessions, like a bed bugs hotel refund. If you’re worried that the hotel management hasn’t done enough to address your concerns, you can contact their governing chain or complain to the local tourism department.

For more information on what to do if you find bed bugs in your hotel room, contact Terminix Canada. We’re experts on bed bug extermination!