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Expert Mouse Removal with Terminix Canada’s Rodent Control

Mouse removal service Ontario

You hear that gnawing sound coming from your living room sofa?

No‚ your couch hasn’t been possessed by an evil spirit. It’s been inhabited by the dreaded house mouse!

These cunning rodents can deftly manoeuvre their tiny frames through any breech in your home’s outer perimeter. Be it a minuscule crack in your foundation or a dime-sized hole in your outer wall, a mouse can burrow inside your living space with ease.

Once a mouse has snuck its way into your residence, it’ll make itself comfortable. This includes intrusions inside your furniture, basement, closets, and cupboards. In short, this is when it’s time to call a mouse exterminator.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Mice as Soon as Possible

More than just being disgusting little abominations that make you afraid to walk barefoot within your own home, mice pose serious health risks to you and your family.

Mice are filthy. One mouse is capable of leaving 9,000 highly toxic droppings in a calendar year! That’s why Terminix Canada makes your family’s safety our top priority as we manage your rodent control and pest removal plans.

Your Terminix rodent exterminator will implement mouse removal measures including:

  • Interior and exterior bait stations
  • Strategically placed poison baits and live traps
  • Implementation of preventative measures to prevent another mouse infestation

Keep mice from entering your home with the top pest control company in Toronto. We’ll get rid of your mouse problem with the latest techniques. These include placing spring-loaded mouse traps at entry points and getting rid of their food sources. We trap mice fast and humanely.

Rodent Control in Toronto

Rodent control service OntarioTerminix Canada’s residential pest control services will safely and efficiently get rid of mice in your home. We use the latest methods of Norway rat control in Ontario.

We employ our integrated pest management service, mixing and matching the most humane and environmentally friendly residential pest control services that best fit your rodent problem. We’ll utilize rodenticides on an as-needed basis, rodent-proof your home, and instill a pest removal plan. Consequently, this will ensure unwanted intruders stay away for good.

Terminix Canada firmly believes that the health and safety of you and your family is top priority. By helping you understand and recognize the risks that rodents pose, that awareness and knowledge will be invaluable in preventing them returning in the future.

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