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Residential Pest Control Services that Make You Feel Right at Home

Terminix Canada’s Ontario branch provides service across the province. We provide comprehensive pest removal and control to many different types of property. These include houses, apartments, condos, bungalows, penthouses and rental properties across the GTA.

Residential pest control service OntarioWe understand the pest control problems our customers face, and strive to supply pest removal solutions that minimize stress. It’s certainly unnerving having to face creepy-crawlies like spiders, cockroaches and bed bugs. Our highly-trained and experienced pest control Ontario staff are trained in home pest control, termite control and cockroach control. This allows them to take decisive action when eradicating your home of pint-sized invaders.

As top Ontario pest control providers, we offer pest removal solutions for every breed and variety of pest found in Ontario. Our residential pest control services include:

Wildlife Control: Snake Removal, Bird Removal and Raccoon Removal

Keeping your backyard safe from hostile wildlife is important for the health and safety of your loved ones, especially your children.

Wildlife removal service OntarioWe can safely and humanely bird-proof your roof and vents, as well as execute bird removal if your property starts to look like a scene out of a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie! Our snake removal and exclusion practices will eliminate potential habitats to keep your yard viper-free. We can also take the hassle out of garbage day thanks to our raccoon removal pest control services.

With Terminix Canada wildlife control on your side, you’ll be able to enjoy those lazy summer days without worrying about creatures lurking under your uncut grass.

Home Pest Control: Cockroach Control, Spiders, Bed Bug Pest Control

Home pest control service OntarioNothing inhibits healthy sleep patterns like the fear of multi-legged, little nasties crawling all over your bed while you rest.

Our home pest control services provide fast, effective bed bug pest control using non-chemical heat treatments. Spider pest removal, and cockroach control is also conducted with safe chemical treatments.

Don’t settle for subpar cockroach control and bed bug pest control! Trust a team with 20 years of experience in Ontario pest control.

Pest Prevention: Termite Control and Rodent Control

Pest prevention service OntarioThe best defence is a good offence, and the same principle applies to pest control! That’s why enlisting our pest prevention services is a great idea if you’re concerned about an infestation breaking out in your home. We’ll apply proven exclusion methods to eliminate potential pest habitats on your property.

We can also keep your deck safe from termite damage using our termite control and extermination service. Or, get rid of mice and rats with our rodent control methods that go far beyond the cheese traps of yesteryear.

Ontario Pest Control that Fits You

Our Ontario pest control teams are trained to work with you to determine the best method of home pest control. We will design a safe, effective pest removal program for your property. We’ll supply you with a variety of information packages during the preliminary phases. Consequently, this ensures that everyone in your household is kept informed throughout the pest control process.

Ontario pest control team

If you’ve discovered pests in your home, allow us to evaluate and implement pest control methods built around your needs. We are determined to relieve you of the stress and mess that pests can cause. We implement preventative methods to reduce the risk of pests infiltrating your home in the future.

No one understands the unique needs for residential pest control in ontario better than us

As one of the most-respected pest control companies providing service across the province, we have decades of experience helping families across Ontario. Contact us now or call for a free quote and consultation!

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