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Expel Pests with Education Pest Control

Schools are a prime target for pests due in part to the fact they’re filled with messy kids. Areas like lunchrooms and classrooms, where food is eaten and spilled, can quickly become a place where pests take refuge for a plentiful meal.

The key to handling these types of unforeseeable situations is to deal with them swiftly with proper education pest control. If a pest problem is discovered in your school facility, a pest control company can assess and eliminate the problem immediately. Pest removal in schools can be especially tricky because of the volume of children, and their unique sensitivities to chemicals.

Terminix Canada is sensitive to the nature of handling school pest control. We strive to offer safe pest removal that is just as effective as other solutions on the market. Practising IPM (Integrated Pest Management), this aims to reduce the need for pesticides. We also offer chemical-free institutional pest control such as heat or freeze treatments. These pest control alternatives effectively kill pests without negatively impacting children or their school environment.

We offer institutional pest control for a large variety of pests found in schools, such as:

We’ve been Ontario’s pest control experts for almost two decades. We specialize in providing safe and natural pest control in Ontario for large spaces such as commercial buildings or schools. Our goal is to work with our customers to develop a safe pest removal plan that not only eliminates pests, but keeps them from returning in the future. We make every effort to minimize the impact of school pest control on students and employees, so everyone can work and learn in a safe and healthy environment.

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To schedule an inspection or consultation for a school or learning facility pest control problem, please call Terminix Canada for pest control in Ontario.

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