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All About Skunks

Skunk removal service Ontario

P.U.! Do you smell that? Smells like a skunk problem.

These pests need no introduction, with their infamous spray liquid causing the noses of countless Canadians to scrunch up in fear of that potent, unpleasant odour.



Scientific Name

Striped Skunk Mephitis mephitis

Biology and Skunks Diet

Contrary to popular belief, skunks are not part of the weasel family, but are more closely related to badgers. Skunks have elongated bodies with contrasting short, strong legs, black fur and long front claws ideal for digging.

While most skunks have white stripes, some striped skunks are brown or grey, and a few are cream-coloured. Having said that, all skunks are striped, right from birth. However, the rare spotted skunk has such a profusion of stripes that they look like zebras!

What do skunks eat: skunks diet is omnivorous, eating any plant or animal material available to them in the season. In residential areas, skunks diet is mainly scavenging through human garbage. They’ll also dig holes in the yards of homes in search of grubs and worms.

They are perhaps best known for their anal scent glands, their primary defensive weapon. You’re probably well aware of this skunk trait. Many of our wildlife control inquiries revolve around getting rid of that skunk smell! What do skunks eat to make that nasty smell?It’s made from a mix of sulphurous chemicals called “thiols” or mercaptans.

Skunk Behaviour and Skunks Habitat

Where do skunks live: Skunks prefers open areas of mixed forests, they are solitary and they favour darkness. Skunks habitats are communal dens in frigid climates. In the daytime, they make burrows with their potent front claws to act as a skunks habitat. It’s quite common to stumble upon abandoned dens in late February.

Although they have supreme senses of smell and hearing, skunks have poor vision, unable to see things more than three metres away. This often results in them becoming road kill. A skunk’s life expectancy isn’t long to begin with; lifespans can last up to seven years in the wild, though most live up to one year. Perhaps that’s why skunk behaviour is so rotten!

Getting Rid of Skunks

The second best way to get rid of skunks is Exclusion. This can be accomplished by ensuring there are no holes near your home in which they can create a den. That means installing physical barriers to prevent entry.

To further help in getting rid of skunks, remove any cover they may find suitable: brush, woodpiles, shady vegetation, vehicles on your property, etc. However, we do not recommend smoking them out with homemade explosive devices, as this gentlemen from the United States tried.

The best way to get rid of skunks is to contact a certified pest control company like Terminix Canada. We specialize in getting rid of skunks fast!

Getting rid of skunksis stinky business

Smell that? It's a skunk problem. Terminix Canada can help keeps skunks away, saving you, your home, and your nose from their distinct odours. We know all about skunks, ranging from questions like "What do they eat?" to "where do skunks live?" Trust us to know the best way to get rid of skunks.

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First Time Customers
GET 10% Off
Receive 10% off on your first home service, when you book with Terminix Canada’s Ontario branch. Mention this offer when booking.

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