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Drain Flies Control: Our Drain Foaming Will Keep Your Drains Flowing

One of the most common pest problems in homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and offices are flies that breed in or infest drain pipes.

The most common pests found in drains are adult drain flies, which can breed wherever stagnant water is abundant. In some cases, correct identification of the troublesome fly species can help locate all fly breeding sources, and in determining how to get rid of drain flies.

Commercial establishments, as well as residential properties, unknowingly experience the issue of how to get rid of drain flies effectively and permanently. In many cases, the source of pest problems is found deep down in the drains under floors, heavy equipment, or in restrooms. Getting the help of professional drain cleaners is important, as getting adult drain flies and their larvae out of bathroom drains and garbage disposals requires much more than just a metal pipe brush and pouring boiling water down the drain.

Terminix Canada has experienced technicians trained in drain flies control, and commercial drain cleaning, for your establishment. Our treatment involves drain foaming, which eliminates any debris that may cause pest or drainage issues.

Poorly maintained drains that often clog, leak or flood can cause sewage backup. Additionally, they provide water sources for other common household pests like ants or rodents. The best way to combat these issues is to regularly perform drain cleaning. Regular drain cleaning maintenance with a drain foaming solution can prevent clogs and leaks. It is these factors that lead to other problems besides drain fly infestation. Consequently, drain cleaning maintenance increases the life cycle of your plumbing.

Clear Any ConcernsWith Our Drain Cleaning Services

Terminix Canada can take care of any concerns caused by drain clogs with an effective Drain Cleaning Treatment. If you need help to get rid of drain flies for good, contact us about our drain cleaning services.

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