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Raccoon Facts

Raccoon removal service Ontario

The most notorious pest on the block, raccoons are the largest member of the procyonid family.

Despite garbage being a corner stone of raccoon diet, they are quite intelligent, able to remember the solutions to tasks for up to three years. No wonder raccoon problems are so difficult to control and solve!



Scientific Name

Procyon lotor


Racoon facts include: They measure between 40-70 centimetres, with another 20-40 added from their bushy tails. Their body weight ranges with a given raccoon habitat, making them one of the most variably sized animals.

The defining physical feature of raccoons is black fur around their eyes, contrasting with the white on their faces. People are reminded of bandit masks, which our Wildlife Removal Service team says accurately depicts the animal’s reputation for mischief.

The dark mask actually reduces glare, giving them unmatched night vision.


Raccoons are highly dependent on their sense of touch. Their front paws are hyper-sensitive, giving them the ability to identify objects from mere touch.

Where do raccoons live? The ring-tailed animals are equal opportunity denning machines they’ll live in tree holes, fallen logs, or in your attic. Any location with a food source and a place to nest is a possible raccoon habitat. Just try to make sure the answer to “where do raccoons live?” isn’t your house.

What do raccoons eat? Raccoon diet is highly flexible, they’ll eat almost anything. As you may have experienced, they eat fruits and plants often grown in human gardens or farms. They’ll also rummage through garbage cans for a cheap meal, even without the opposable thumbs required to lift the lid. They can also grow quite large, as mentioned in racoon facts.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

The best technique to get rid of raccoons and prevent raccoon damage is being proactive, preventing raccoon problems before they’re uncontrollable. This can be done through limiting access to foods, shelter, and water in and around your home.

Raccoon removal can also come in the form of exclusion, encouraging the pests to naturally find their way out of your home. Plus, there are strict trapping regulations surrounding raccoons in Ontario, which requires a special trapping license. But because raccoons can carry diseases including rabies, this step is still best left to a wildlife control service once the raccoon infestation is identified.

Need Help WithHow to Get Rid of Raccoons

"Where do raccoons live?" "What do raccoons eat?" "How to get rid of raccoons?" Terminix Canada can help you answer all these questions and more. With 20 years of experience, we've helped thousands of families get rid of raccoons and make sure their home isn't a suitable raccoon habitat. Let us do the same for you. Call today.

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First Time Customers
GET 10% Off
Receive 10% off on your first home service, when you book with Terminix Canada’s Ontario branch. Mention this offer when booking.

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