Monthly Archives: September 2018

Exclusion is Essential to Pest Management

As children, we’re taught to be opening and welcoming and not to exclude anyone but that doesn’t include pests! Exclusion pest management is a vital step in any integrated pest management program, and it’s a great way to ensure pests never return to bother you or your family ever again.

Do Roaches Die in the Winter?

For the insectophobes among us, winter often comes as a relief from the onslaught of flies, bees, and mosquitoes we have to endure during the warmer months. However, for those terrified of getting a cockroach infestation, the question remains: do roaches die in the winter?

Rodent Proofing Your Home for the Fall

There’s nothing that makes you feel like quite as unwelcome in your own home as finding rat droppings in your kitchen. Even after you call the mouse exterminator to get rid of mice, you’re still left feeling violated and constantly worry about their return.