Rodent Proofing Your Home for the Fall

There’s nothing that makes you feel like quite as unwelcome in your own home as finding rat droppings in your kitchen. Even after you call the mouse exterminator to get rid of mice, you’re still left feeling violated and constantly worry about their return.

With the approach of fall, millions of mice will be looking for nooks and crannies to crawl into to escape the cold. Make sure none of them get into your home with these rodent proofing tips from the top pest control company in Ontario.

Seal the Outside

While the weather is still nice, you should examine the perimeter of your home to look for any openings mice could enter from. These can range from cracked basement windows, to pipe openings, to vents. Why, a mouse could even run in through your screen window if left open too long.

Most hardware stores carry easy-to-apply sealants which can close off foundational cracks, but keep in mind that mice can squeeze through openings as small as the diameter of a pencil. That means you have to be vigilant about closing off even the smallest of fissures.

Don’t Leave Food Out

The biggest thing you can do to achieve optimal rodent control is by making sure you don’t leave food out overnight. Rodents are nocturnal, so if they catch a whiff of last night’s dinner stewing in the sink, you can bet they’ll find their way to it.

Prompt vacuuming of bread crumbs and rice grains can also go a long way to making sure rodents aren’t attracted to your home. You also need to take out smelly-garbage promptly, but even that presents its own issues.

Rodent Proofing Your Garbage

If your garbage containers both inside and outside your home aren’t properly sealed, they’ll release scents that attract rodents. One good strategy to keep rodents away from your interior garbage is by placing it on an elevated platform, such as by using products found at organizational stores.

Once you take your garbage out, you need to make sure it’s properly sealed. For instance, placing a weight like a stone or box on top of the lid can go a long way towards rodent proofing your garbage. Also, be sure to bite the bullet and replace your trash cans if you see they’re starting to get cracks and holes.

To get rid of mice quickly and efficiently, call the top pest control business in Toronto. Terminix Canada mouse exterminators are knowledgeable and service-oriented. Call us today to get help from our pest removal experts.