The 7 Places in Your Home Where Cockroaches Like to Hide

If you’ve ever seen a gross bug in your home, gone to get a shoe, and then felt the sheer dread of coming back to find it missing, you may have an inkling of what it feels like to play hide-and-seek with a cockroach.

And they have the advantage.

Cockroaches are small, fast, and are able to squeeze themselves into ridiculously tight places, and they actually enjoy the squeeze. It’s like a massage for them. How is that fair?

Well, we’re here to help you even the playing field by telling you where they like to hide. If you keep these 7 spaces spot-free, you may not have to play this horrible hide-and-seek game at all.

1. Your Furniture

There’s no place like an arm chair or couch for a cockroach cuddle. These critters jump at the opportunity to feast on the popcorn and chip crumbs you inevitably drop, and the dark crevices make a lovely home for some cockroaches wanting to start a family. Don’t buy old furniture before you’ve checked it for eggs, and vacuum your furniture on a regular basis.

2. Your Cabinets

Simple wooden cabinet doors are no match for a sneaky cockroach. They can and will sniff out the teeny tiniest of crumbs, and they’ll adventure across your plates to get there, spreading their bacteria everywhere. Clean out your cabinets often and keep food sealed in airtight containers.

3. Your Appliances

It’s true. They literally sh*t where you eat. The warmth of stoves, heaters, microwaves, coffee machines, and toasters are very appealing to cockroaches. It’s also a jackpot for the greedy buggers in terms of food debris and spilled sauces. Make cleaning these appliances part of your daily routine.

4. Pipes

Much like the legendary basilisk, cockroaches often use pipes to travel to different rooms and parts of your building. It also provides plenty of rest stops, as cockroaches love dark and moist (I’m sorry) places where mold can grow into delicious cockroach cuisine. Remember to check for leaks and make sure your pipes are properly insulated.

5. The Ceiling

Cockroaches are so stubborn that they just don’t care about gravity. Like action stars who hide star-fished on the ceiling, cockroaches seem know that we rarely look up. They’ll chill in the corner and then laugh at you and scuttle away when you turn the lights on. Make sure you seal even the littlest cracks and holes in your ceiling.

6. The Trim and Moulding

Remember how cockroaches get off on squishing themselves into tight places? There’s no place as tight as the cracks in your trim and crown molding. Roaches are known to use these as tunnels to the insides of your walls where they will cheer and celebrate shaking you off their tail. Make sure to seal up every crack where trim and molding come together with walls and floors.

7. Your Electronics

Have you ever laughed at someone for being fussy about keeping their phone, computer keyboard, or gaming console clean? Well don’t. If you eat while using your electronics and leave any crumbs or spills, the cockroaches will use the opportunity to scare you while you’re having a good time. No matter how much you enjoy multitasking, avoid eating while using your electronics and keep them clean.

These tips serve more as preventative measures. Once you let the roaches in, you won’t win the game of hide-and-seek. Not to be dramatic, but you’ll be playing for the rest of your life unless you bring in a professional seeker and destroyer. Reach out to the professional pest exterminators at Terminix Canada and no cockroach will dare challenge you again.