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Halloween Critter Report: Are Bats Dangerous?

Everyone knows Halloween stops being scary past the age of 5, but it’s still pretty terrifying to find a bat in your house in the dead of All Hallow’s Eve. With their leathery wings and hog noses, bats are certainly the most sinister of Halloween critters.

The Most Poisonous Spiders in Ontario

No pest elicits the same kind of fear and revulsion that spiders do. With their spindly legs, multitude of eyes, and venomous bite, they’re nature’s favourite little nightmare machines. But luckily, we Canadians don’t really have to worry the truly dangerous varieties of spiders, right?

Think again.

The Added Benefits of Environmental Pest Control

True to its name, environmental pest control is all about getting rid of pests with minimum impact on the environment. That means finding pest control solutions that go beyond simply spraying and praying with dangerous pesticides.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Raccoons

Have trash pandas set up shop in your home or garden? If you want to get rid of raccoons before next garbage day rolls around, the best way to get rid of them is to call a registered pest control company in Toronto for raccoon control services.