Beware These Dangerous Springtime Pests

Your first reaction when the sun finally emerges from its winter hidey hole and melts the snow away is probably to cry tears of joy.

Spring is here! Summer is coming! All will be well.

But all is not well. Everything is dual natured, and that includes springtime. As you frolic in the greening grass in your windbreaker, keep a lookout for these dangerous pests that appear with the warmer weather.


Ants enjoy a good frolic as much as anyone. The trouble is they do it in swarms, often in or around your home. The most common are carpenter ants, which can be structurally damaging to your house, odorous house ants, which can contaminate food, and pavement ants, which may sting if provoked.

House Flies

House flies are one of the most maddening and repulsive pests that arrive in springtime. Their constant buzzing and flying around your face is thoroughly annoying on its own, but it gets worse. Because they feed on filth, they can carry some very serious diseases.


Earwigs like to walk around at night or in damp areas during the day, and though they’re only really dangerous to your plants, their appearance is alarming enough to not want them anywhere near you.


Wasps are not your friends. If they think you might be a threat to their hive, even if you’re just standing in the vicinity and twiddling your thumbs, they will attack. Furthermore, if one stings you, it releases a hormone rallying the rest of the colony to attack.


Spiders and their webs may seem gross and scary, but most spiders you find in your home are more helpful than harmful. Cellar spiders, daddy-longlegs, wolf spiders, and the common house spider are harmless to humans and their diet of other insects will help keep your other pests under control. The only house spiders that give a venomous bite are the brown recluse or black widow, and those bites are very serious, but even then, they’re more likely to flee than bite unless they’re being squeezed or held.


Termites are not a threat to you directly, but they are a threat to your home, which still feels personal. They’re one of the most common springtime pests, and are probably the most destructive. They can live in the ground or inside your wood, where they eat the cellulose found in wood and wood by-products. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year.

If your springtime excitement is accompanied by springtime anxiety about these pests, the best way to relieve the stress is to call in the professionals. Get in touch with us today!