Pest-Free Christmas Tree Disposal

Having a live Christmas tree instead of an artificial one can offer enhanced holiday cheer, but it can also come with some uninvited visitors.

There are a variety of Christmas tree bugs that can hitch a ride into your home on your tree, and they can stay there long after the holiday season ends if you aren’t careful with your tree removal.

Never fear, here’s how to run a Christmas bug-free tree disposal with advice from the top pest control company in Toronto.

How to Get Rid of Christmas Tree Bugs

Before it comes time for tree disposal, you should try to prevent as many Christmas tree bugs from getting into your house as you can. These pests can range from microscopic aphids, to spiders, to even praying mantises.

Christmas tree bug prevention can be as easy as shaking your tree outside until you’re certain that it contains no more creepy crawlies or their eggs. This also has the added benefit of getting rid of loose pine needles, making for a much less messy Christmas morning.

You should also store your chosen tree in your garage for a few days, so that if any eggs hatch, they find a home there instead of inside your home.

Pest-Free Christmas Tree Disposal

As you transport your tree from the living room to the curb, any remaining eggs or bugs could get dislodged during transport and fall onto your floor. You can prevent these strays from morphing into a Christmas tree bug infestation by laying out a tarp on your path outside the house, which you can then throw out.

Even after you toss away the tarps, be sure to vacuum and dust the entire living room vigorously to get rid of any eggs you missed. This should be done immediately, as waiting too long gives the eggs time to hatch and the Christmas tree bugs the chance to spread to other parts of your house.

For more tips on tree disposal and how to get rid of Christmas tree bugs, contact Terminix Canada. We’ve offered premium pest control to the Toronto area for over 20 years!