How to Remove Animals in the Attic in Winter

There’s no greater impediment to a good night’s rest than the frenzied sounds of an animal in the attic scratching at night. Whether it’s mice or squirrels in the attic, the idea of wild animals scratching and defecating above you is not a recipe for restful sleep.

When you need animal removal in the winter, you can trust Terminix Canada’s wildlife control and removal in Toronto. Though you might want to skimp out on animal in attic removal costs, we don’t recommend DIY animal removal, due to rabies risks.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic in Winter

Winter is a common time to find mice in the attic, as they begin to search for refuge from the cold in the fall. Our wildlife control services use strategic traps and baits in order to isolate and remove mice in the attic in winter. From there, it’s important to seal cracks in the attic, as well as other parts of the home to ensure mice don’t return.

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How to Remove Squirrels in the Attic in Winter

The best way to remove squirrels in the attic in winter is through exclusion. Exclusion is an integrated pest management technique that focuses on saving you from animal in attic removal costs by effectively sealing your house from intrusion.

While in the summer, our wildlife control and removal experts in Toronto will often install one-way doors in order to get rid of squirrels in the attic humanely, this is not generally a feasible option in the winter due to the harsh weather conditions.

As such, our animal removal team will go up and remove squirrels in the attic humanely and institute whatever measures possible to ensure animals don’t get back in.

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Do you hear animals in the attic scratching at night? Call Terminix Canada’s Wildlife Control department for the best wildlife removal in Toronto. Our animal removal services extend to removing mice and squirrels in the attic.