Is Pest Control in the Winter Necessary?

Many people think they don’t need pest control in the winter, after all the bees, bugs, and beasties are gone, right?

Think again, they’re just hiding. Common winter pests can include rodents, ants, cockroaches and more that require home pest control services.

While we don’t encourage DIY pest control, you can keep your home safe with these common winter pest control tips.

Common Winter Pest Control Tips

Common winter pests are generally pests that require shelter from the cold, so they find their way underground or inside structures during the winter months. As such, the best DIY home pest control strategy you can take on is to seal up your foundations and other entry points in the fall to keep winter pests out.

You should also try to get rid of potential pest habitats outside your home, if possible. For instance, piles of rotting wood often house ants and rodents who will eventually find their way into the structure itself if they’re not removed.

Winter Rodent Control

While a few ants or bugs finding their way into your home might be manageable, you must get professional pest control in the winter if you find rodents in your home.

Winter rodent control is important both because of the damage mice can do to your house, as well as how quickly they breed. More than just disgusting spreaders of diseases, these common winter pests will chew up everything they find, including electrical wiring and pipes, which can cause all sorts of damage to your home.

Though you might be tempted, remember that DIY pest control solutions found on the internet are often ineffective and potentially dangerous. Trust professional home pest control companies like Terminix Canada. We’ve been leading providers of winter rodent control and other forms of pest control in the winter for 20 years.

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For expert removal of common winter pests, contact Terminix Canada. We provide the best pest control in the winter, summer, spring and fall!