Are Snakes in Ontario Dangerous?

Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes? – Indiana Jones

From the Bible to Raiders of the Lost Ark, snakes have gotten a bad rap throughout history due to their deadly bite and slithery ickiness. However, as with most animals, they’re generally more afraid of humans than the other way around, and will not attack unless they feel threatened.

But what about poisonous snakes in Ontario, you might ask? Thanks to our cool climate, there is only one native poisonous snake species in Ontario, the Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake.

The Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake grows to a metre in length and has bluish-gray scales, which makes it easy to step on during a hike if you don’t hear its trademark rattle. While the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake bite is poisonous, only two Ontarians have died from it, the last one occurring in the 60s.

While a small number of cottagers receive Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake bites every year, the poison is slow acting and can be treated with a timely visit to the hospital. The only real danger is you don’t seek proper medical attention after getting bitten.

However, that hasn’t stopped the destruction of snake habitats in Ontario, leading the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake to face Threatened status in the Georgian Bay area and full-blown endangered status in the Windsor area.

Besides the Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake, there are no other native species of poisonous snakes in Ontario.

What to Do If You Find the Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake on Your Property

If you’re worried about these poisonous snakes in Ontario roaming around your cottage, you can contact Terminix Canada’s wildlife control services for expert snake removal. We have one of the most wide-ranging wildlife control service areas in Ontario, and are able to help people in areas like Milton, Cambridge and Simcoe.

We offer humane snake removal solutions for all types of snakes in Ontario, and offer top Toronto wildlife removal. We stress that you should not take violent action if you come across an Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake, both for your personal safety and due to the species’ Threatened status.

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