The Best Integrated Pest Management Strategies

While many associate pest control with nasty chemicals sprayed by people in hazmat suits, the use of pesticides should be a last resort.

In addition to being potentially unsafe, fumigation often fails to address the root causes of pest infestations.

That’s why at Terminix Canada, we specialize in implementing integrated pest management strategies in Ontario. Also known as organic IPM, integrated pest management is a pest control method that seeks to minimize the use of chemicals by observing a pest infestation, and removing its root causes for lasting results.

There are a variety of integrated pest management strategies that fit different situations, but here are what our experts out in the field deem the most important.


Exclusion is one of the most critical integrated pest management strategies. The best way to end a pest infestation is by preventing one from breaking out in the first place, and exclusion accomplishes that via sealing a property’s potential entry points.

For instance, exclusion IPM can be accomplished by patching holes in your foundation that insects can get in through, or replacing damaged windows mammals like raccoons can use to enter your attic and turn it into a burrow.

It can also entail removing potential pest habitats from the property, such as standing water and decaying wood.

IPM Monitoring and Mechanical Tools

Monitoring pest levels is key to successful integrated pest management strategies. Pests breed in a variety of stages depending on their species; there is no one-size fits all approach, but IPM practitioners are trained to identify pest species and come up with strategies that disrupt their breeding cycles.

This can be done using mechanical tools like traps and barriers that will reduce the pest population at the most crucial point: right before they undergo a breeding cycle. Some IPM operators may choose to use pesticides at this point as a disrupting agent, depending on the severity of the infestation.

To learn more about integrated pest management in Ontario, contact the IPM experts at Terminix Canada for a free consultation.