What Happens to Ants in the Winter?

Ubiquitous in the spring and summer, ants don’t tend to appear much in colder seasons. Do ants hibernate in the winter? Do they make like geese and vacation down in Tijuana until Daylight Savings end? Or, do ants seeks shelter in the house?

Here’s what happens to ants in the winter.

Do Ants Hibernate in the Winter?

Ants don’t exactly hibernate in the winter, but they do enter a dormant state within their colonies once the temperature drops a few degrees. However, unlike true hibernation, ants will continue their usual activities during a very mild winter.

Additionally, if you find ants in the house in winter, that could signify that there’s an ant colony located within the structure itself, meaning they’re in there doing damage to your home as we speak.

Why are there Carpenter Ants in the House?!

As mentioned above, ants dislike the cold and love damp wood. As such, carpenter ants in the house might be a satellite colony from outside that established a new colony within the warmth of your own home.

Think about it – ants get everything they need in the house: with delicious damp wood, food sources, and warmth, it’s practically a vacation resort tailored to their every whim.

It’s important to catch early signs of carpenter ants in the house in order to prevent the full establishment of a satellite colony within your walls, otherwise you could be in for a serious ant problem come springtime.

At that point, you’ll be wishing ants do hibernate in the winter!

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