Toronto: Raccoon Capital of the World

In 2018, Toronto was declared the Raccoon Capital of the World. A dubious honour to be sure, but one that was well-earned by Toronto raccoons and their patrons.

Who can forget the touching story of the city coming together to pay tribute to a fallen Toronto trash panda whose remains were left on a sidewalk for twelve hours.

However, the road to Toronto becoming raccoon capital of the world was long and hard-earned. Learn about the storied history between the city and Toronto raccoons here.

Raccoons vs Toronto

Before Toronto became the raccoon capital of the world, it was raccoons vs. Toronto with an early-2000s population boom caused by the introduction of organic waste green bins that provided the Toronto trash panda population with ample meals on the go.

The population of Toronto raccoons has grown so large, some even say there are a hundred raccoons per square kilometer, if not more.

However, over time, the people came to accept their cute raccoon neighbours, with their whimsical antics highlighted in social media with increasing frequency. For instance, in 2015, the city was captivated by images of a Toronto trash panda who somehow climbed to the top of a 200 metre crane and then took a dump on it.

Raccoon Removal Toronto Cost

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