Stop Calling About Raccoon Problems, Asks OPP

The police’s 911 line is reserved for real emergencies, but that hasn’t stopped Norfolk’s community from tying up the phones with complaints of raccoon problems and other non-urgent matters.

“I can tell you, in one shift, I was speaking to officers and they received over 15 calls for raccoon complaints,” Const. Ed Sanchuk told CBC News in an interview. “It’s a common myth that a raccoon walking around during the day is sick or has rabies.”

Though they are nocturnal wildlife, raccoons are active in the day time for various reasons, says Sanchuk. They could be hungry, looking for a new sleeping habitat, or are evicted from their highly competitive nocturnal wildlife base.

“We’re not an animal removal service. We’re the police,” said Sanchuk. “We will do the best we can to help the general public because that’s what we’re here to do. But we don’t have any special equipment to trap or house live animals.”

Tying up police resources with non-threatening situations, including phone lines and actual person power, is a waste of taxpayers’ money and the law enforcement time. It can take two officers up

“Calling 911 for raccoons or any other non-emergency ties up the phone lines at the communications centre, wastes taxpayers’ money and threatens lives.

“We’re just asking people to please use common sense. 911 is for emergencies. If you don’t have an emergency please contact the non-emergency line.”

What should you do about raccoon problems in Toronto?

We’d strongly advise against scouring the web for raccoon removal tips on how to trap raccoons on your property. This can be dangerous putting you at risk of rabies or other wildlife maladies.

Instead, you should look into raccoon removal services in Toronto. Professional raccoon exterminators are trained in human wildlife removal, using techniques such as integrated pest management to inspect, monitor, exclude, and finally remove raccoons from your property.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing it was done along Ontario environmental bylaws, which has strict regulations when it comes to trapping and relocating raccoons in Toronto and across the GTA.

Don’t call the OPP about your raccoon problems come to us for professional raccoon removal services in Toronto. We’ve provided pest control and humane wildlife removal across Ontario for over 20 years.