Terminix Canada picks its Pest of the Year!

As we say goodbye to 2017, the team at Terminix is thankful we’ve survived another year battling the pests and scum that’ve infested homes & businesses in the GTA.

We’ve wrangled with raccoons, tussled with termites, braved bee hives, and clashed with cockroaches. Some fights are easier than others, but at the end of the day, Terminix’s team always found a way to get the job done.

We’d like to recognize some of the pests that’ve given us the most hardships in 2017, and make our selection for what we believe is the Pest of the Year!

The Pest of the Year embodies everything you hate about household pests. They’re impossible to fully get rid of, they damage your home and belongings, and they’re an unseemly sight for the family.

So, without further ado, this year’s Pest of the Year nominees are:


In fairness, crusty cockroaches can be up for this award every year. What bugs us most about these bugs is the simple fact that they’re so darn difficult to get rid of.

Heralded for their ability to withstand nuclear blasts, cockroaches could be the most difficult pest for us to completely eliminate. This is because they can enter homes in more ways than most other pests can, and their adaptability ensures they make your home comfortable place to squat. With ample food, warmth, and water, they can live in luxury year-round.

And because they reproduce quickly, and are notoriously evasive, they have a psychological effect no other pest presents. If you’ve seen one cockroach, you haven’t seen them all. And there are more of them, we guarantee it.

Their argument for Pest of the Year strengthens when you see the impact they’ve had on restaurants in Toronto.


If you’re responsible for taking out the trash in your household, we know you’d vote for these guys.

Another pest that can challenge for this award annually, raccoons haven’t made it easy for us to befriend them. After all, we mused whether we should invite raccoons willingly into our homes as pets, giving them a chance to integrate in human society.

And how was our act of kindness repaid? By raccoon-sponsored propaganda advising raccoons in Toronto on how to best avoid humans (particularly our extermination team).

Our content team is a bit (re: very) petty, so we responded in kind with some advice of our own, on how to deter raccoons without the use of mind control (like you, that’s the first thing we’d try).

To be honest, raccoons would make this list solely based on our war with words with the rodents throughout the year. But we know homeowners like yourself probably aren’t fans of them rummaging through your garbage, and in and around your home, too.

Bed Bugs

Has there been a household pest that’s made more headlines than bed bugs this year?

The tiny guys were big news in the pest control industry throughout 2017; the wily bugs were found to be more resistant and harder to kill than ever before over the past 12 months.

We even wondered aloud, for the sake of all Torontonians, if the city should implement bed bug bylaws, yup, the infestations have gotten that bad. A perfect example would be their rise in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, which we explored in detail, too.

Bed bugs have been so troublesome this year, there are even blogs questioning whether it’d be better to face a zombie invasion, or a bed bug infestation (yes, it was indeed a blog of our own).

Terminix’s Pest of Year goes to: BED BUGS

Is it really a surprise?

Bed bugs have dominated North America in 2017, with the highest per capita online search volume compared to any other pest this year. Americans alone searched for bed bug information more than 7.3 million times through 2017.

At Terminix, we have seen a steady increase in bed bug infestations since the 1990s, so we are not surprised bed bugs are the most-searched pest of 2017, said Paul Curtis, director, technical services at Terminix in the U.S.

What really separates bed bugs from the rest of the pest pack is their growing resistance to insecticides and common forms of pest control. As they adapt, these hard-to-remove bugs will only be more difficult to fully eradicate once they’ve infested a home or property.

Terminix Canada can’t help with your personal New Year resolutions, like better dieting and exercise, but we can give your home a fresh start by ensuring its pest-free!

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