Three New Year’s Pest Solutions

While quitting smoking, improving your career, and going to the gym may be most people’s New Year’s resolutions, Terminix Canada wants you to shift your focus onto New Year’s pest solutions!

If you don’t correct your pest control mistakes from 2017, the same pest problems will follow you into 2018.

New Year’s Pest Solution #1: Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

The 2017 version of you may have seen a blatant sign of infestations like chewed property, or a couple of random insects roaming around your kitchen, and thought I’ll deal with this later.

It’s understandable. Pests are a pain and whose got time to deal with them?

But your procrastination will ensure a relatively minor pest problem turns into full on pest invasion.

When a small number of ants have discovered food, they’ll chemically signal their colony with pheromones, and an ant-sized issue will rapidly grow into an ant army-sized catastrophe in your home.

This is only one of an endless list of examples where an infestation can manifest itself at a frighteningly fervent rate. So, when something seems even slightly amiss, pick up the phone and call the professionals, and prevent pesky pest problems from escalating come 2018!

New Year’s Pest Solution #2: Protect Your Waste

You’ve been naive this past year, placing your recycling and garbage bins outdoors, expecting them to remain unscathed until they’re collected come garbage day.

But, given the influx of raccoons around urban areas in southern Ontario, unprotected waste offers these filthy critters a complimentary meal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a mean of defense, some folks go as far as to keep their green bins shut with intricate bungee cord contraptions.

Another method to ensure you don’t find yourself the victim of a raccoon-influenced trash explosion, is hanging a string of blinking Christmas lights around trash cans. They’ll act as a (wonderfully festive) raccoon deterrent.

Also, sprinkling ammonia on your trash bags will keep the crafty little trash pandas at bay.

New Year’s Pest Solution #3: Periodic Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

You were very busy this past year, and you didn’t take the time to suss out any possible unwanted creepy, crawly infiltrations within your home. And hey, maybe you didn’t pay for it with an overwhelming pest problem.

Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer come 2018 from your lack of vigilance and due diligence.

You need to make sure that you’re performing your own periodic inspections, particularly in dark, uninhabited spots in your home, specifically in attics and basements.

It’s best to choose specific dates on your calendar so your new initiative doesn’t fall by the wayside come 2018.

As important as periodic inspections are, so is preventative maintenance around your home. Keeping up with repairs by sealing small cracks and inside your home and around the perimeter.

What seems like a small, innocuous crack to you, is a giant gaping opportunity for miniscule pests such as ants, cockroaches, termites, and mice to enter your home.

We’ve given you our top three New Year’s Pest Solutions to ensure 2018 is stress and pest-free. But if you already have a pest problem, what’s already happened can’t be prevented.

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