Pest Control for Restaurants: Cockroaches

If customers fleeing your restaurant in a heebie-jeebie-induced panic doesn’t inspire your best practices in pest control, then health inspections ought to offer plenty of motivation.

Pest problems in your restaurant means a failing inspection score that’ll shut down your operations. never mind the word-of-mouth damage done to your reputation.

Avoid Serving Cockroach a la Carte

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. All they want are jalapeno poppers after a long day at the office, not a double serving of a musty, roachified stench. Cockroach emissions produce pathogens that irritate asthma and sinus symptoms. Needless to say, patrons won’t be sending their compliments to the chef.

The first distinct, musty whiff of a roach problem will lead to authorities being notified. Health inspectors are not sympathetic to the plights of a roach-ridden restaurant.

How to Remove Cockroach from Your Menu

Restaurants offer food, shelter, water, and humidity for these plague-ridden cretins. So, if a roach finds your kitchen, it’s like their own Hakuna Matata-esque haven and they’ll have no worries for the rest of their days!

Commit to cockroach prevention by:

  • Cleaning out clutter
  • Keeping everything dry
  • Emptying trash daily
  • Using trash cans with tightly sealed lids
  • Cleaning food crumbs immediately from any surface
  • Storing food in closed containers

Focus on sealing the molding surrounding doors and windows, inside cabinets and storage closets, around baseboards, and around the back splash near the sink. These are prime areas for entry, alongside drains, which require protective mesh screens.

Kitchen Nightmares: Cockroach Edition

Did you know that there is a reported story of a cockroach falling on a health inspector’s iPad?! You can’t make that up!

One inspector found a roach egg sac in a storage bin filled with rice, and 99 dead roaches in the same restaurant’s kitchens. Disgusting.

Another inspector found 100 live roaches in one less-than-hygienic restaurant’s kitchen cupboards. Okay, even we’re getting a bit queasy!

While these are just fun gross-you-out facts, they prove that a tiny roach problem will escalate into DEFCON-ROACH if left unchecked.

Blog TO’s Initiative

As an FYI to restaurant owners, and customers alike, Blog TO provides weekly updates of local health inspections, provide by DineSafe.

Garnering recognition on this list would be a restaurant’s worst nightmare, just like finding a roach in a burger is your customer’s worst nightmare.

The only way cockroaches could be any worse for your restaurant is if they blogged a bad review on Yelp.

Terminix Canada should be your first call at the first inkling of a cockroach in your restaurant. We serve a heaping dish of cockroach control and removal, with a generous side of pest prevention services, keeping roaches away for good. After all, we hear they’re lousy tippers.

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