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A Brief History of Pest Control

Ever heard of the Black Plague? You know, one of the most devastating pandemics resulting in the death of approximately 75 to 200 million people in Europe?

Or how about the Plague of Locusts in the Book of Exodus? The story goes that those little buzzers devoured anything that came close to resembling greenery, and covered the ground in such great numbers that it could no longer be seen.

Doesn’t sound at all like the pest infestations you’re used to seeing, do they?

4 Common Household Pests to Fend Off During the Winter

When the temperature drops below zero and the earth is veiled in white, we can all agree that nothing quite beats the feeling of basking in the warmth of your sanctuary.

Unfortunately, we’re probably not the only ones who feel that way. It just so happens that your sanctuary also happens to be… theirs.

How Do You Get Rid of Christmas Tree Bugs?

Choosing between a real Christmas tree vs. a fake one is an annual holiday season tradition, much like the yearly debate as to whether you should spend an hour with your in-laws, or half an hour.

There’s plenty of upside to chopping down your own tree: a freshly-cut tree adds sentience and scent to the season, lifting the holiday spirit in your home. Decorate to taste with your favourite winter ornaments, and it’s a sentimental experience sitting around a real tree with family & friends.