What’s with All the Skunks in Toronto?

We don’t mean to be the bearer of stinky news, but there appears to be an influx of skunks in the Greater Toronto Area.

In 2015, animal services in Toronto responded to 72 calls about dead or injured skunks between February 1st and April 21st.

By 2016, the number increased to 339 in the same time frame!

While we’re pest control experts as opposed to mathematicians, we can tell you that’s nearly a 500% increase. We trade in our insect repellants and wildlife traps for a magnifying glass as we embark upon another pungent investigation.

Smells Like Mating Season?

According to some experts, they don’t believe the increase in skunk sightings has anything to do with a rise in Ontario’s skunk population.

Instead, they’re attributing it to the aftermath of mating season, as skunks predominantly mate between February and March. Come September, their repugnant offspring are nearly fully grown, trifling through garbage and green-bins like pirates plundering lost treasure.

To be frank, we don’t believe the experts answers hold weight. Every skunk mating season is from February through March! What makes the past couple of mating seasons any different?

Could Climate Change Be to Blame?

We’re not looking to incite a debate over the merits of climate change – keep that to your social media feeds! But statistics do show that recent winters have been much warmer.

Another (more reliable) group of experts believe that the rise in winter temperatures have proven very hospitable to the odorous little goons. Colder winter temperatures regulate skunk populations, whereas a warmer climate allows them to spread like a putrid wildfire.

Nourished Gardens= Nourished Skunks

Toronto isn’t alone in its rash of skunks- Naperville, an Illinois Suburb, has been stuck with the same stinky affliction, showing a monumentally stench-filled increase as of August this year.

Interestingly, the town attributes its burgeoning economy with their skunk outbreak. The fiscal prowess of Naperville’s residents has allowed them to fully nourish their gardens. Healthy gardens are ripe with grubs, providing an all-you-can-eat buffet for skunks.

So, if you’re taking good care of your garden, expect a visit from a white-streaked, fetid friend.

Always Keep a Watchful Nose

Of course, getting sprayed by a skunk is a phobia common in everyone with functioning nostrils. But realistically, the chances of this happening are slim. However, household pets are favoured targets of these funky menaces.

Your other main concerns should be their affinity for sneaking into backyards, garages, and underneath decks, reeking havoc wherever they go.

Skunks are roaming through GTA neighbourhoods like local ruffians, scaring the elderly, spooking children, and irritating upstanding citizens. Their horrendous aroma isn’t the only thing that leaves a bad smell under our noses, but their disregard for our property that has our noses out of joint!

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