Hockey Players Who Remind Us of Pests

The dawn of the new NHL season aligns with the emergence of fall pests and wildlife infestations in your home.

You may be wondering what these two unrelated events have in common. Let Terminix Canada explain:

There’s a certain type of player whose greatest skill is an aptitude for agitation, and it throws opposing players off of their game. They are universally referred to and reviled as pests.

So, we’ve come up with a list of our (least) favourite hockey pests, that remind us of our (least) favourite fall pests.

Sean Avery: The Ice-Roach

Cockroaches infest homes, spreading the gift of salmonella and shigellosis. Sean Avery infested locker rooms, spreading his poisonous personality onto teammates and opponents alike.

Similar to a roach’s immunity to pesticides, Avery was immune to discipline, never allowing a multitude of suspensions and reprimands to discourage his controversial approach to the game. Avery employed his trademark cowardice to successfully dodge the wrath of league enforcers, rarely getting squashed like the human cockroach he is. It’s almost as though he studied tapes of cockroaches nimbly avoiding shoes, newspapers, and swatters.

As nature’s ultimate survivors, roaches can even withstand the radiation of a nuclear holocaust, while Avery creeped and crawled his way to surviving twelve tumultuous seasons in the NHL.

Thankfully, this pest’s career was exterminated in 2012.

Leo Komarov: A Rink Rat

Like a rat, Uncle Leo Komarov tends to gnaw at the patience of his opponents. According to the Washington Capitals’ franchise player, Alex Ovechkin, Komarov is, in fact, the human embodiment of a rat.

Teams need to maintain their discipline when trying to neutralize Leo The Rat’s filthy tactics. Maintain your discipline by keeping a clean home in order to neutralize any appearance of rats.

By carelessly leaving your windows and doors open to rats, you’re just as susceptible as opponents carelessly leaving themselves open to Leo’s unorthodox tactics.

Even the slightest breech in a team’s defence means the crafty Fin is liable to score a sneaky goal. Similarly, the slightest breech in a structure is enough for a rat to sneak into your living space.

Keep a keen eye out for this dirty bottom feeder, and for rats.

Steve Ott: A Raccoon on Skates?

Nearing two decades in the league, Steve Ott is a well-respected pest, but a pest nonetheless. Known as a tenacious trash talker with incredibly violent tendencies, he’s never been one to back down from a fight.

We have to liken this particular on-ice pest to a familiar neighbourhood goon: the raccoon. After all, they are tenacious little foes, making life difficult for the other team (humans) by seemingly innovating ways to rummage through our trash, giving new meaning to the term trash talk.

Raccoons aren’t afraid to drop the gloves, either. Uppity cats and dogs could be subject to the wrong end of claws, tearing at eyes and stomach linings.

The bandit-faced rodents are famous for taking road games, and turning them into home ice advantage. Just ask anyone with a family of raccoons burrowed underneath their deck!

Be it raccoons, rats, cockroaches, or hockey players – pests are natural agitators. The best way to deal with these rodents and insects that get underour skin, is playing your enforcer.

Luckily, Terminix Canada has big-league experience! Our environmentally-friendly pest and wildlife control and removal services ensures these creeping, crawling instigators’ seasons come to an early end!

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