What’s the deal with bees, wasps, and hornets?

You may think you know, but do you really? If your seven-year-old nephew asked you what’s the difference between these buzzing bugs, would you be able to confidently explain what’s what and look really awesome in his eyes? Or would you have to pull out your smartphone like a chump?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, cool uncle/aunt.

First thing, let’s get this out of the way quick:

Hornets are a type of wasp.

Go blow some kid’s mind with that. We’ll wait.

Welcome back. So now the real question is:

What’s the deal with bees and wasps?

To answer this question, we’ll have to perform some tests. Don’t worry, they’re easy.

Appearance Test: Fat and Hairy, or Skinny and Bald?

Wasps are long, thin, and smooth. Bees are round and fuzzy.

This is because wasps are hunters and bees are gatherers. Wasps hunt other bugs for food, so they need to be sleek and aerodynamic to catch their prey. Bees collect pollen so they need a heftier, hairier body (the hair traps pollen) to help store and transport their precious cargo.

Personality Test: Friendly or Mean?

Relatively speaking, bees are friendly, wasps are mean.

Bees are gentle and keep to themselves. They like to hang around flowers.

Wasps are more aggressive and will stalk human gatherings in search of food. Overripe fruit and sugary drinks are their favourite. So if a black and yellow bug is bothering you, it’s most likely a wasp.

Homemaking Skill Test: Hive or Nest?

After a long, hard day, a bee goes home to a hive made up of hexagonal wax cells made from beeswax secreted from their abdomen. Oftentimes though, you won’t even see the beehive as bees tend to swarm around it. You’d just see a big ball of bees.

Wasps go home to grey-coloured paper-looking nests made up of chewed up wood pulp.

If you ask us, bees are the better housekeepers.

The Ouch Test: How many times did they sting ya?

This is probably the worst way to distinguish a wasp from a bee, but if it stings you once and you find the stinger inside you, it’s a bee. If it stings you a bunch of times, it’s a wasp.

When bees sting, their stinger is pulled from their abdomen and they die. Wasps, however, can pull their stinger from their victim and keep stinging on.

Neat facts huh? We hope you appreciate the subtle differences between bees and wasps. But if you don’t, we understand. After all, a pest is a pest. Whether it’s bee removal, hornet nest removal, or something else, Terminix Canada’s pest management services will be there. Book a free consultation with us today!