Freakishly powerful insects to be feared, respected‚ then exterminated

If you’ve had the misfortune of a household pest infestation, you’ve witnessed a terrifying, infinitely growing army of insects, taking over your home. Suddenly, there’s a war on your hands! Hence the need for a pest exterminator.

While we’ve never read the Art of War, Wikipedia told us that Sun Tzu believed strongly in respecting your enemy. You must acquire an appreciation for the capabilities of your opposition, in order to understand them.

To respect your enemy is to know their strength:

The feats of strength presented below, will sufficiently blow your mind. And after you’ve recovered from your aforementioned mind-blowing, you will garner a new respect for pests, before your inevitable triumph.

Hail the almighty horned dung beetle

The horned dung beetle, known as the Onthophagus Taurus (say that, three times fast) has been scientifically proven to be the world’s strongest insect, lifting 1,141 times its body weight. Holy dung!

In layman’s terms; to match that kind of pound-for-pound prowess, a 150-pound human would need to lift six full double-decker busses. Or, in even more layman’s terms, a 150-pound human, would have to lift 1,141 other 150-pound humans at once.

What can we attribute to that kind of strength? Maybe the raw anger caused by being named after bodily waste. That’s not scientifically proven, but we’ll call it an educated guess.

Needless to say, you mess with this dung beetle, you’ll get the horns.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flea!

Let’s get this out of the way. Fleas have a bad rap. They are derided as symbols of infestation, uncleanliness and irritation. When someone is describing an impressive specimen, capable of Herculean feats of strength, fleas are not generally used for favourable comparisons or analogies.

But why not? These powerful pests have a spring-like structure in their bodies, allowing them to jump 200 times their own body length. Imagine a human, effortlessly jumping the length of five jumbo jets (where do they find these stats?).

Before casting fleas off as simple exterminator fodder, understand that these household pests maybe can’t walk all over you, but they can certainly jump right over you.

Built beetle tough

We know, we know: two beetles on the list seems like overkill, but hear us out. The Ironclad Beetle (also known as a Zopherus) is really, really hard.

If we’re talking Art of War, these are the types of pests you would want to bring to war. It takes the power of an electric drill to pierce the ironclad beetle’s exoskeleton.

You can stomp on them, smash them and do the freaking hokey pokey on them, but they’ll still be alive. Not that you’d know it, because these little buggers play dead as a survival tactic.

Maybe they’d crack under military interrogation?

The little ant that could

While our natural inclination is to get rid of ants, they’re notorious for their hard work, grit and determination -if you prescribe to giving insects personality traits. So while they aren’t necessarily near the top of the strength list, it was essential to us that they be given an honourable mention.

The Leafcutter ant, native to South and Central Mexico, can carry 50 times its body weight -in its jaw. Imagine your car broke down, and the only way to get it home was by chomping down on the hood, and traveling 10 miles with your Mazda in your mouth.

Listen, we know that the burrito you took down last night at Burrito Boys suggests you could give the Leafcutter a run for its money, but let’s give credit where credit is due!

Such jaw strength seems impossible to fathom, but when you need to go out of your way to impress a demanding, pushy ant queen, it’s amazing what you’d be willing to put yourself through.

This kind of strength means it’s time to give insects a little bit more respect.

However, they are still the enemies who must be defeated. If you need to get rid of ants, fleas, or any other household pests, no matter how strong, Terminix Canada offers the best pest control services throughout the GTA.

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