It’s Father’s Day! Get To Know Dad(dy Long Legs) Better

Father’s Day is coming!

Sorry, Terminix doesn’t have any gift ideas. But maybe you can bond with your old man over some Daddy Long Legs facts.

Daddy Long Legs Aren’t Venomous

We all had an older cousin who told us Daddy Long Legs carried a deadly toxin, and the only thing that stopped them from killing us all was that they couldn’t bite through skin.

Jake had no idea what he was talking about because Daddy Long Legs don’t have venom glands.

Daddy Long Legs Aren’t Spiders

They are arachnids, but they are not spiders. Unlike spiders, Daddy Long Legs can’t make silk or venom and only have two eyes, not eight.

Daddy Long Legs Isn’t Even Their Real Name

In this age of catfishing, is this really a surprise? Daddy Long Legs belong to an order called Opiliones. You pronounce it like Oh + Pill + Leoni. You can also call them harvestmen or grandfather graybeards (if you’re nasty).

Daddy Long Legs Stink

They omit an odor to keep predators away, much like that kid in high school who never wore deodorant. No one ever messed with Smelly Stan.

Daddy Long Legs Can Make Themselves Bigger

Well, not really. But they can make themselves seem like they did. To scare off predators, Daddy Long Legs will hang off their webs and spin their bodies to make themselves seem larger. This is called “whirling” and is set to become the latest dance craze.

Daddy Long Legs Are Everywhere

Daddy Long Legs are hale, hearty creatures that can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They are happiest in damp, humid climates, but they can survive nearly anywhere.

Daddy Long Legs Can Talk

Unlike your gruff father, Daddy Long Legs can actually communicate. They do this via vibrations they send through their webs!

While Daddy Long Legs are fairly harmless, they can be annoying household pests if they find their way into your home. As we’ve learned, they spin webs, emit odors, and can survive anywhere.

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