The Importance of Retail Pest Control

You’re the owner of a retail clothing chain. All of a sudden, you hear a shudder-inducing shriek emanate from the change rooms.

A frail old lady who could barely walk into your store is doing her best impression of Usain Bolt, running out as she yells THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! Then, every other would-be customer follows suit off the premises.

The legion of ants that’ve been tormenting the staff for weeks found their way into the dressing rooms, hurting your business.

How did these pests get into your store in the first place? And what can you do to stop it from happening again?

Breakroom Blunders

Some well-intentioned nincompoop (your employee) has brought a box of doughnuts for the staff to gnash on during break time. It seemed brilliant! They’ve ingratiated themselves to you, and the rest of the staff was appreciative this keen go-getter will be sure to climb the corporate ladder in record time!

If only they saw their ploy the whole way through.

The box of baked goods was left open overnight, and feasted upon by the pests who are now inhabiting the staff’s only place of refuge. Your employee has gone from management darling to the management doghouse, and is now a social pariah amongst their co-workers.

The solution is simple. From now on, tell your employees to ensure food is enclosed in a container and stored away properly, out of the open, or discarded properly.

While food mishaps are a common breakroom pest blunder, they aren’t the only way infestations manifest themselves onto the retail sales floor from the break room. Roaches in employees’ infested homes inhabit clothing, and spread into the workplace.

As a preventative measure, employee clothing and belongings should be stored separately from work uniforms and equipment. There’s a reason why the experts tell you to keep home and work separate from one another!

A Load of Pest Problems

Loading docks give pests a prime entry point into your retail facility. They offer dust, grease, warmth, and moisture acting as catalysts for fast spreading pest infestations. Insects and wildlife are attracted to warehouses because of lighting as well.

The most common warehouse and loading dock pests, are rats, mice, stored product pests, cockroaches, and birds. Harbourage is readily available through packaging materials and containers.

It’s essential for retail stores to invest in a professional pest management plan to maintain pest-free loading docks and warehouses. You’ll save thousands by preventing damages to products and your company’s reputation.

Trashed with Pests

Outdoor trash bin areas are ripe with decaying food and waste odours, attracting flies, rats, mice, ants, bees, wasps, and cockroaches like pumpkin spice lattes attract millennials.

Rodents will gnaw through flimsy bags like butter, so food wastes require heavy-duty, properly sealed plastic bags. Proper sealing practices will stop pests from entering once the bag is placed in the dumpster.

Regularly scheduled dumpster cleanings will prevent yellow jackets and wasps.

Ensure that dumpsters aren’t located too close to your doors. This will make it difficult for pests to enter your retail store if they’ve found dinner in your outdoor trash bins.

Terminix Canada’s commercial pest and wildlife control, removal, and prevention services will ensure your retail store’s success isn’t hurt by any possible pest infestation.

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