Homeowners: Quit Making the Same Pest Control Mistakes!

You’ve encountered a pest control problem in your home. You ask yourself “how could this happen to me?!” like you’re the main character in your own Shakespearean Tragedy.

We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it may be your ill-advised pest control strategies that’ve escalated your pest control problem!

Mistake #1: Squish and Move On

The liter of orange juice you drank earlier is wreaking havoc with your bladder. So, you head to your basement bathroom, only to encounter a handful of cockroaches casually strolling along your bathroom floor. Nature is urgently calling, so you squish them, take care of your own business, then wipe the roaches’ remains off the floor with a paper towel.

“Goodbye cockroaches!” you say to yourself dismissively. But you’re sadly mistaken.

Without finding the source of cockroaches, spiders, ants, or any other household pest problem, there’s going to be a whole new group of creepy-crawlers on the bathroom floor tomorrow! Discover how those buggers got in your home, and seal any gaps surrounding your window, doors, seams, and foundation.

From there, investigate the best applicable extermination or removal practices, be it setting traps, utilizing some kind of insecticide, or hiring one of the pest control companies in your area.

Mistake #2: One Trap Doesn’t Fit All

Every species of pest is its own unique snowflake if said snowflake is covered in really wet mud and dog excrements.

Buying a generic trap for pests is a common mistake made by homeowners. You need to investigate exactly what kind of penny-sized monster you’re dealing with so you can purchase the applicable trap, or insecticide.

If you can’t decipher what kind of pest is in your home, consult with one of your local pest control companies.

Mistake #3: Know Your Enemy

Even when you do know what pest has invaded your home, do you really understand who and what you’re up against?

Many homeowners place traps where their pest adversaries won’t be.¬† For instance, you won’t find rodents in the middle of a room. Instead, place rodent traps along walls, behind the refrigerator, and in dark corners.

While you may catch the adults in a few days, their young ones could be lingering around, so it’s best to leave rodent traps out for a few weeks to catch the remaining runts of the litter.

Mistake #4: Don’t Neglect Your Pet

You need to ensure your pet is treated and inspected for any possible fleas, ticks, or parasites. Not only will leaving your pet untreated cause them prolonged health problems, but your lovable fur-ball is a perfect vessel to smuggle pests into your home.

Sometimes you’ve made too great of a pest control mistake to handle on your own – in which case, Terminix Canada is here!

If you’re looking for tried-and-true pest control services in your home, contact us today for a free consultation!