Man’s Best Friend is a Bed Bug’s Worst Enemy

Discovering a bed bug problem in your home is as inconvenient as it is unsettling.

And it’s more unnerving considering us humans almost wiped out bed bugs in the 1950s via pesticide treatments. The wily household pests developed a resistance to pesticides, allowing them to aggressively reproduce their populations and torment homeowners and tenants worldwide once more.

How can humans get rid of bed bugs who’ve evolved beyond man-made pesticides? Perhaps the solution evades the grasp of humankind, and lies within the animal kingdom.

Studies prove dogs trained and certified to track bed bugs are nearly 100% successful at sniffing out infestations, covering an average-sized home in thirty minutes.

Beasts Who’ll Remove Your Burden

It only takes one pregnant bed bug hidden in your home to create a full-on infestation.

Utilizing their heightened sense of smell, bed bug-sniffing K9s can track as little as one bed bug, even in the most unlikely of places through walls, floors and even underground. Whether they’re hiding behind an outlet, under a baseboard, or inside your child’s stuffed animal, no bed bug is safe when these sly dogs are on the job.

K9s alert pest removal technicians if removing mattresses and box springs is necessary. Once bed bugs have been identified in any area, the sniffing dogs will perform a ‘passive alert’ where they point out any infested area to the technicians.

The expertly-trained K9s can also differentiate live bugs and eggs from the markings of an older infestation, such as empty egg shells and caste skins, helping determine the severity of a bed bug infestation.

A Dogged Training Regime

Bed bug sniffing K9s aren’t simply taken from the street and hired on the spot. They go through rigorous certification and training programs to ensure their aptitude, involving at least 600 total hours of training before they’re eligible for the job. This includes training with a human, so man and dog work in unison like a well-oiled, bed bug elimination machine!

When you’re put out by a bed bug infestation, you need a permanent, safe solution that guarantees results

Terminix Canada has our own bed bug sniffing K9, Inspector Kody, who’ll take a bite out of your bed bug problem. Our loyal K9, alongside our team of bed bug exterminators, provides the most effective, environmentally-friendly bed bug control throughout Southern Ontario.

If you have a bed bug problem and you want a foolproof solution, find out more about our bed bug sniffing K9!