Don’t Let Pests Spoil Your Spring: The Pest Prevention Checklist

Don’t let the February deep freeze fool you, spring will be here sooner than you think.

Now that you’re done celebrating, we’ll dampen your mood all the pests and wildlife that’ve been hiding from the frigid temperatures will be out in full force come March 21st.

Many insects metabolic rate drops to one tenth, and they use stored body fat to survive winter. And wildlife such as raccoons, bats, and skunks have the innate ability to locate harborage during the cold season. Needless to say, both insects and wildlife will only be too thrilled to terrorize your neighbourhood after a lengthy off-season.

You need to prepare your property for the upcoming springtime onslaught. Check out some helpful springtime pest control tips.

Why Spring Cleaning is Your Friend

Now, we understand you may have deep-seated issues with spring cleaning. Your mother likely made that not-so-special time of year as irritating as a pest infestation. You can clearly recall the crying, the weeping and the pleading, and that was just your dad after he was caught trying to dodge his cleaning duties.

But insects and wildlife revel in clutter and mess, and after winter’s end, they’ll be looking for another cozy, warm, and moist habitat to nest in.

As much as you deserve a relaxing weekend after a busy work week, you need to plan a time to get down and dirty and protect your home from a springtime pest infestation.

The Wildlife and Pest Prevention Checklist

  • Remove clothing you don’t wear from your closet (musty clothing attracts cockroaches, bedbugs, rats and mice)
  • Protect older items from humidity and dust (this means routine cleaning)
  • Fill in any holes in your house foundation and perimeter, including your roof (raccoons, squirrels, rats, and mice can shimmy into the smallest of crevices)
  • Check your vents (squirrels are known for making homes in laundry vents)
  • Clean your yard, including piles of brush and garbage accumulated over the winter
  • Clean garages and sheds (ideal homes for raccoons and squirrels)
  • Inspect for any wood damage (signs of termites)
  • Fix leaky faucets (cockroaches are attracted to the dampness)
  • Remove food sources pests and wildlife may be drawn to

There’s a lot that goes into preparing your home for pest prevention. If you aren’t an expert, it’s pretty easy to miss clear signs and causes of a household infestation.

If you’re concerned about pest and wildlife infestations on your property this coming spring, Terminix Canada practices environmentally friendly pest and wildlife control, removal, and prevention throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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