Keeping Garden Pests Away in the Summer

Who hasn’t spent weeks planting and watering seeds, tending them carefully, excitedly watching them sprout from the earth only to witness garden pests nibble away the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour.

Sadly, your hard-won garden attracts all manner of summer pests eager to mooch off of your hard work. Luckily, protecting your garden is as easy as identifying the garden pests giving you trouble and then finding the appropriate way to combat them.

To help you begin your counter-offensive, here are some great summer pest prevention tips that don’t require harmful pesticides!

Identifying Common Summer Pests

If your plants are starting to look ragged and discoloured, chances are you have aphids to blame. These extremely tiny plant lice can be found on almost any plant as they simultaneously suck out its sap and infect it with their acidic saliva.

If your produce begins to sport tiny bite marks, or you spot a slimy trail then chances are you have caterpillars, slugs and/or snails in your garden.

Sadly, the most dangerous summer pests are the cutest: rabbits and hares are voracious little monsters that will eat you out of house and home if you give them half a chance.

Garden Pest Prevention

Dealing with aphids naturally can be difficult as there are many of them, they’re miniscule, and can spread very quickly. One of the most certain ways to get rid of these garden pests is by planting things that will attract their predators. Luckily, one of aphids’ primary predators are ladybugs who you can attract with dill, Queen Anne’s Lace and other plants. A less certain solution is to plant strongly scented herbs like chives and basil, but be warned, it’s not as effective.

Dissuading caterpillars, slugs, snails and other soft-bodied insects can be accomplished by spreading eggshells around the soil, basically daring them to traverse a minefield if they want to munch on your lettuce.

Lastly, to keep rabbits away, you need strong garden fencing similar to a chicken pen on a farm. These pens need to be dug in deep around the garden, otherwise these critters will simply burrow underneath them, Bugs Bunny style. Additionally, planting garlic or spraying garlic-infused water on your plants might keep rabbits away by irritating their noses, but this is not a guaranteed solution.

If your garden is beset on all sides by garden pests and summer pests, trust Terminix Canada to protect your prized crop with humane, effective pest control solutions. Contact us today to protect your garden.