How to Keep Your Deck Safe from Termite Damage

Termites are at their most populous in the summer when they emerge from their underground colonies and feed on wood sources they couldn’t get at during the winter.

One of the parts of your house most vulnerable to termite damage is your deck. All that wood right out in the open is practically a buffet for the buggers!

Luckily, all you have to do is follow these tips to either prevent termite damage to your deck or to identify the best termite treatment available.

1. Preventing Termite Damage

If you want to avoid a termite infestation on your deck in the first place, you have to take on careful, regular maintenance of your deck. Untended decks that suffer damage from dry rot and UV rays will accrue openings that termites can enter and enlarge for their colony.

Budget allowing, you should paint your deck every two years with care to put on a complete coat of wood sealer specifically made for your deck’s type of wood.

Stagnant water also serves as a beacon for termites, as they prefer wet wood versus dry. To avoid puddles forming on your deck, try not to place heavy planters that could form an indent.

2. How to Identify Termite Damage on a Deck

Identifying termite damage to a deck is harder than it sounds. For one thing, termites are subterranean by inclination, meaning that they’ll burrow into the wood from underneath, leaving almost no visible damage to the surface.

What that means is that you need to tap along the wood to check for hollow areas. Once you hear a clear sound of hollowness, you should cut off the surface of the deck plank and see what’s underneath.

If there’s a pattern of damage along the wood grain, that means you have a termite infestation and need to take immediate measures, as termite damage can accumulate quickly.

Other signs of termite infestation include small holes, damaged wood that crumbles easily, and piles of droppings that they place outside their tunnels.

3. Finding the Best Termite Treatment

If you’re located in the GTA, Terminix Canada has helped thousands of households enjoy summertime fun without worrying about their deck collapsing beneath them from excessive termite damage. We have the best termite treatment measures in Ontario and it would be our pleasure to educate you on them.

To learn more about Terminix Canada’s termite treatment plans and how to prevent termite damage to your deck, contact your local Terminix Canada representatives. We have offices located across Southern Ontario!