7 Reasons Why Squirrels Are Formidable Foes

Enemy of homeowners and children in spelling bees alike, squirrels are cunning, resourceful creatures. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Their tails are like Swiss Army Knives

Squirrels have bushy tails that help them balance when they’re walking high up on branches. If they happen to fall, they can use their tails as parachutes to help slow their descent (they can survive falls of 100 feet). Squirrels also use their tails to keep themselves warm in winter.

2. They can run at 90-degree angles like ninjas

You’ve probably seen squirrels running down trees. They do this by rotating their feet 180 degrees and digging their claws into bark. Squirrels have sharp claws and when they dig in with all four legs, they have a very Bruce Lee-like grip.

3. Their teeth are sharp and always growing

Squirrels are considered pests because of their propensity to chew on inedible objects to get what they want. Their constant gnawing helps them maintain their sharp teeth and prevents them from overgrowing. Squirrels can and will chew through plastic and metal to get to food.

4. They’re schemers

Sometimes other animals will watch squirrels hide their food and snatch it as soon as they leave. Squirrels will adapt to this and pretend to hide their food. When would-be thieves dig around in a fake spot, squirrels will hide their food elsewhere, laughing maniacally we assume.

5. Squirrels are wily runners

Ever try chasing a squirrel? Good luck. When running from a predator, a squirrel will move in zigzag patterns. They also use trees as buffers and will circle around trunks to disorient their enemies.

6. You can never sneak up on them

Squirrels’ peripheral vision is just as good as their focal vision, meaning they can remain motionless and see a predator from above, below, or to the side.

7. Squirrels speak in secret code

The clicks, growls, and screams of squirrels have meaning. Screams are usually the call of a pup to its mother. Clicks are usually warnings about approaching predators. Growls are usually mating calls (just like with humans).

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