Protect Your Business’s Reputation with Commercial Pest Control

Nothing craters a business’s credibility faster than a pest problem. Even if you aren’t in the food or hospitality industries, pest infestations in offices can seriously affect employee morale and productivity. After all, who can focus on TPS reports when they’re worried about mice weaving between their feet!

Commercial pest control isn’t something you can afford to cut costs on. Pest removal can’t be done haphazardly, otherwise your unwanted visitors will just return in a couple of weeks, or maybe even a couple of days. For over 20 years, Terminix Canada has provided top quality pest control in Toronto to both commercial and residential sites. From industrial pest control to restaurant pest control, we have proven pest removal solutions to your insect and rodent problems.

Restaurant Pest Control

Making and serving food is only half a restauranteur’s job. The other half is making sure the kitchen is meeting health code standards with clean equipment, properly stored food, and keeping furry visitors very, very far away!

However, despite your best efforts, rodents or insects can still find their way into your establishment. That’s why you need fast, effective restaurant pest control to instigate pest removal before an infestation spreads, as well as instituting measures to ensure they don’t come back!

Industrial Pest Control

Think it doesn’t matter if your warehouse or factory has a few unwanted visitors scurrying around after hours? Somehow, we think your customers will mind if they open up a shipment only to find the crate filled with rat droppings!

Industrial pest control is necessary for keeping variables like that out of the equation. With large facilities, it’s easy to miss the signs of infestation until it spreads and becomes a pervasive problem. Luckily, our industrial pest removal solutions are geared towards getting rid of all pests on a large premises, while also ensuring they don’t return weeks or months later.

When you need commercial pest control in Toronto, Terminix Canada is there to provide fast, effective pest removal with a minimum of disruption to your day-to-day operations. From restaurants, to warehouses, to factories, we will tailor our pest removal solutions to your business.

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