Is Your Mom Better Than these Motherly Insects?

Can’t think of what to get your mom for Mother’s Day?

Flowers are too cliche. Breakfast in bed? It’s been done. A gift card? Do you even know your mom?

How about a classic, from-the-heart, original, hand-made card! Don’t worry, we have the perfect text you can use to really make your mom feel special and appreciated:

Dear Mom, you are the best. You’re even better than these fantastic, selfless insect moms!

What do you mean that’s a terrible phrase, and you don’t get it? In fact, it’s the greatest compliment one can give a mother (at least from the point of view of us pest exterminators).

If your mom is kind, selfless, and sacrificing, well so are many motherly insects in the animal kingdom. So if your mom surpasses these incredible insect moms, then that’s quite a high form of praise!

Learn more about the mothering instincts of these insects below!


Those of you with overprotective moms can relate to the offspring of earwig moms.

These doting mothers are more watchful and meddling than Norman Bates’ mom. After laying their eggs, which can range between 20-80 eggs, the inch-long insects selflessly guard them. From threatening troublesome predators to constant cleaning, they oversee their offspring until hatched.

And even then, the earwig mom will protect her young for another few weeks, until they molt for a second time.

Be glad your mom gives you at least some privacy!

Praying Mantis

Praying mantis mothers could be up for the Congressional Medal of Honor every year.

The battle-tested praying mantis is willing to duke it out with any bullies who look at their young the wrong way.

When a female praying mantis sees a predator approaching, she’ll instruct her offspring to the end of whatever twig they may be resting on. The mother will put herself between her babies and the danger, ready to go toe-to-toe for their kids.

Like arguing with your own mom, a female praying mantis will never back down, making most potential attackers shy away from facing the angry mom.

Lace Bugs

Lace bug moms could be the most selfless out there. You may want some tissues near by for this one.

Lace bugs are commonly preyed on by damsel bugs, easily their number one predator. They’re ruthless, going for any form of lace bugs the monsters can find, from adults to nymphs.

When a damsel bug comes near nymphs, mother lace bugs will attach their Superman cape, and actually jump on the back of the vicious, much larger predator. She’ll fan her wings in a futile attempt to distract and slow down the attacker, buying time for her young to escape.

Most of the offspring will manage to get away from the chaos safely, though it usually results in the mother sacrificing her own life for her kids.

And no, we’re not crying.

Momma Strepsiptera

We were wrong, maybe the momma strepsiptera is the most selfless insect mom around. They give everything, literally everything, for their young.

The female parasitic wasp doesn’t look like a regular wasp, composed of nothing more than a blob of eggs. They essentially mate, and give birth. That’s it.

So what do they do for their offspring? Well, they give birth to them. Sort of.

By giving birth, we mean their young actually eats their way out of their mother when they’re ready. We suppose that’s their way of saying, I love you‚ by eating their mother from the inside out.

Having said that, your mom is still better than the momma strepsiptera. After all, they never have to deal with dirty diapers, puberty, saving for college, chasing away shady boyfriends, and other motherly duties.

Comparing your mother to insects isn’t so outlandish now, is it?

Despite the motherly qualities of these household pests, we still see them for what they are – pests. For safe, environmentally-friendly pest control services, Terminix Canada provides both commercial and residential pest management for clients across the GTA.

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