Keep Ants Out This Spring

Spring’s here again, which means you as a diligent homeowner must be on the watch for all manner of creepy-crawlies. In particular, you should be on the watch for ants in the house.

More than just having to worry about the little mooches raiding your pantry, a carpenter ant infestation could threaten the structural integrity of your home by nesting within your wood.

Here are some tips to prevent an ant infestation in spring, but if you do find a march of ants parading through your house, make sure to contact your local Terminix Canada exterminators to identify the particular species plaguing your nightmares and implement an effective pest control solution to keep ants out.

Keep the Sweets Away

Individual ant species have tastes as varied and discerning as a class of spoiled Kindergartners. But as with toddlers, you can bet that most of them enjoy a sweet treat. That’s why you have to be extra careful to clean up juice spills and cookie crumbs in the warmer seasons, otherwise you could be inviting an ant infestation. Keep food stored somewhere cool and dry unless you want to find ants in the house in spring.

Block Off Entry Points

Pick up your caulking gun and get to work locking down your home like Fort Knox, because ants can get through even the tiniest of openings, like a crack in a window sill, or openings for pipes and wires. Much as you love the company of our expert exterminators, sealing off these nooks and crannies is the best way to keep ants out and make sure the next time Terminix visits your house is for a celebratory barbecue.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Bless them, but your pooch is probably the number one reason you have an ant infestation in spring. If your pet is a messy eater and you don’t take care to clean up after their meals, the combination of water and food crumbs is like an oasis for ants. Pave over that paradise to prevent an ant infestation before it happens. Also, make sure to store your pet food in plastic containers to further prevent anything from attracting the ants and thus prevent Fido from getting a mouthful of them next meal time.

Prevention is the best pest control method, but when that fails, Terminix Canada is here to help you wipe the slate clean. From Carpenter ants to Pharaoh ants, we have the solution to any ant infestation plaguing your home.

For the best ant removal service available in the GTA, contact us today for a free consultation!