Getting Rid of Rats in Your Office

Imagine you’re having a stressful day at the office, and you finally have the chance to sit down to some lunch. When you reach for your Hero sandwich, you find little teeth marks and tears in your zip lock bag, and tiny droppings dispersed everywhere!

Could this be Theresa from accounting again?

No‚ you’ve already had that talk with her

Actually, it’s the handy work of the dreaded office rat!

Rats Wreak Havoc on Staff Morale

As an employer, there are many ways a rodent infestation can disrupt and put your hard-working employees on edge.

Rats take advantage of office ecosystems. There are many methods to food handling, hygiene, and cleanliness that can cause conflict between staffers. So, everybody is quick to point the finger at the first sign of an infestation.

There’s also a melting pot of opinions and methods of removing office rats, because of the contrast in personality-types. Some workers will be clamoring to launch an all-out assault on the rats, while your animal-loving staff will fight tooth and claw for a rat’s refuge.

Swift action needs to be taken to not only prevent further infestation, but to prevent further clashing between employees!

Signs of An Infestation in the Office

Rats are known to sneak into office buildings via packing crates or office furniture. They’ll also craftily infiltrate newer offices during renovations.

If you hear scratching from above, it means a rat is in your ceiling, and hearing scratching from below means a ground-dwelling ball of filth has snuck underneath floorboards.

You may notice rice-like droppings when you reach for your favourite mug in the cafeteria cupboards, because concentrated areas of rats are capable of producing 40 droppings a night!

Their filth is so repugnant that the grease on their bodies creates visible rub marks on white surfaces; since their eyesight is so bad, they often bump into baseboards and walls.

They also gnaw on wood, rip open food packaging, and chew through wires. A rogue rodent could kill the electricity while you’re trying to meet a tight deadline!

Your Office is a 7-11 For Rats

Offices are littered with half-opened/half-eaten boxes of Timbits, bread crumbs, coffee cups, and every edible item imaginable, all of which can be feasted upon by our plague-infested friends.

An office environment is inhospitable for rats, that is until food is introduced to the buttoned-down ecosystem! Once you add food, rats use the building’s utility tunnels as an infrastructure for their plague-ridden civilization, commuting floor-to-floor through walls and ceilings to find the best eats!

There’s a case study where a military base was completely spotless‚ if not for one plate in a restricted area. Naturally, this one outlier plate led to an overwhelming infestation. Remember, it only takes one food source to lead to an office rat infestation.

In today’s snacking culture, there’s always going to be an open bag of cookies, a few wrappers left on a desk, or a ripe garbage can in an office building. It’s inevitable!

Just because rats blend in the office culture, doesn’t mean you should be resigned to being overrun by rodents. You have work to do, and can’t have creepy-crawlers running around like the CEO!

Terminix Canada’s rat control, removal, and prevention services will help increase workplace productivity. Contact us for a consultation!