Get Rid of Mice (The Professional Way)

Despite the lessons Tom & Jerry tried to impart on generations of youngsters, many people suffer from the delusion that it’s easy to get rid of mice the old-fashioned way. Take it from Toronto’s top pest control company, proper rodent control takes a lot more than a couple of mouse traps and bits of cheese.

The Problems with DIY Rodent Control

The primary issue with homeowners taking pest removal upon themselves is that they might be able to win battles, but they often lose wars. If pest removal methods aren’t undertaken as part of a larger rodent control strategy, you’re just treating symptoms instead of cutting out the infection.

For instance, while traditional mouse traps can work early on to get rid of mice before they breed, they’re ineffective at combating a large community of them. Poison bates can work at a larger scale, but if the mice die within your walls or other nooks and crannies, you won’t be able to remove the corpses before they decompose, causing unwelcome odours and also attracting scavengers.

What’s more, leaving industrial strength poisons willy-nilly around your home can be dangerous, especially if you have young children around. Additionally, handling them without the proper care can also pose a serious health risk.

How a Mouse Exterminator Can Get Rid of Mice the Right Way

You wouldn’t perform eye surgery by yourself, so why would you get rid of mice without a professional? When you enlist the help of an expert Terminix Canada mouse exterminator, you can rest assured they’ll get rid of mice with proven rodent control methods.

For instance, by placing special bait stations at strategic locations outside your property, you can bypass a rodent infestation entirely because mice will be attracted to exterior food sources before they bother venturing inside your house. Then, sated, they return to their nest to die far away from you.

More than just getting rid of a current infestation, our integrated rodent control plans takes steps to prevent subsequent infestations by identifying vulnerabilities in your foundations, among other preventative measures.

There’s no shame in getting help with rodent control from a professional mouse exterminator.

Contact Terminix Canada for 20 years of expertise in Toronto pest control. Our integrated pest removal services will utilize a variety of methods to remove and prevent infestations.