Swimming Pool Maintenance: Do I Need Pool Pest Control in the Summer?

There’s nothing quite so disheartening as putting on your Speedo and going out for a swim only to discover a layer of dead flies floating on the surface of your pool.

Pest control for pools is an under-discussed aspect of swimming pool maintenance, but without proper pest control for pools, your watery retreat could turn into a petri dish of microorganisms and disease.

To prevent that, here are some swimming pool maintenance tips from the top Toronto pest control company that’ll help you achieve effective pest control for pools this summer.

Cover your Pool When Not in Use

If you want to minimize time cleaning your pool, using a pool cover when you don’t have plans to use it is a great way to keep insects out of the water and also preserves the water temperature. The downside here is that you won’t be able to go for an impromptu skinny dip in the middle of the night, but we feel like that’s a reasonable sacrifice.

Regular Cleaning with Proper Chemicals

Periodically treating your pool with chlorine, bromine sanitizers and algaecides are pre-requisites for pool maintenance, but there are also government-certified cleaners that are specifically made for pest control for pools. Next time you’re at your pool supplies store of choice, just look out for products with a label that says Scheduled under The Pest Control Products Act.

Be on the Lookout for Ants and Termites

Like all animals, insects are attracted to water, but the pests you really need to be worried about are ants and termites. Both of these nefarious critters will burrow through the vinyl lining in order to get a drink of the good stuff. Unfortunately, in doing so they will cause borderline unrepairable damage to your pool both structurally and also because their drowned carcasses can and will overload your pool filter.

To avoid this headache, you simply need to make use of normal home pest control and residential pest control services to keep these pests off your property entirely. However, home pest control works best when you call it in early, so always be on the lookout for preliminary signs of infestation.

For more swimming pool maintenance tips and the top residential pest control available, call Terminix Canada today. As the top Toronto Pest Control service for over 20 years, we can provide fast, effective home pest control that will keep your swimming clear of pests!