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Commercial Pest Control Will Keep Unwanted Visitors Out of Your Business

Commercial pest control service OntarioWe understand that your business has unique needs and that specific requirements must be met during the pest removal process.

This knowledge, alongside our unmatched experience with pest control in Ontario, allows us to individualize our pest control services to meet your company’s needs.

From restaurant pest control to industrial pest control, we’ll find the optimal solution to eliminate pests from your place of business.

Hotel and Medical Commercial Pest Control

In both the hospitality and medical industries, keeping guests comfortable and safe is key. Unfortunately, pest infestations can break out quickly in both hospitals and hotels due to frequent turnover of guests as well as the presence of food.

A pest infestation in a hotel is a grave threat to your livelihood, while an infestation in a hospital could potentially be life-threatening for vulnerable patients. That’s why we specialize in pest control solutions like bed bug control and ant removal so that your guests can leave your facility happier and healthier than when they went in.

Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurant pest control service OntarioAs a restaurateur, effective pest control is at the top of your list of worries. If you’ve ever woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming that a rat got into your kitchen, you’re not alone.

At Terminix, our restaurant pest control services are geared towards quickly finding and eliminating insects and rodents before they become a serious problem. Not only will we get rid of pests such as mice and cockroaches, but we’ll institute measures to ensure they don’t return.

Pest Removal in Schools and Offices

In both schools and office buildings, keeping the people inside comfortable is key to maximizing productivity. Unfortunately, pest infestations can break quickly in both, since little Timmy isn’t the only one who forgets to clean up his desk after lunch.

Whether your school or office is plagued by termites, rodents, bees or hornets, Terminix Canada has safe, environmentally-friendly pest control services that will quickly restore order and make your property a more pleasant place to learn or work.

Industrial Pest Control

Industrial pest control service OntarioFrom manufacturing plants to commercial warehouses, our industrial pest control services will keep your facility safe from all manner of infestations that can break out in the dark corners of your property.

We can get rid of pests like flies, spiders and rodents quickly and effectively, without interrupting the running of your businesses or your workers day-to-day operations. The key is to call us in quickly, before the infestation intensifies.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

As one of the most-respected pest control companies providing service across the province, Terminix Canada’s Ontario branch has dedicated years to developing our pest control methods to get rid of pests in commercial settings. These custom pest removal solutions will not only get rid of pests effectively, but prevent them from coming back in the future.

Each evaluation begins with an on-site visit and consultation, which will help our Ontario pest control team determine the best method of pest removal for the premises. We then present you with a pest removal program that is customized for your situation. This plan offers your business various methods of control, along with the appropriate documentation.

Once you select the best, most appropriate pest control services, Terminix Canada will kick-start your pest removal treatment into action!

Contact Terminix Canada for a free estimate, and let our Ontario pest control team create a customized solution to eliminate your pests!

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