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Terminix Canada’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our Bed Bug Exterminators Detail Everything You Need to Know About Killing Bed Bugs with Heat

Bed bug infestations are reaching epidemic proportions.

Dr. Michael Potter, an acclaimed entomologist from the University of Kentucky, was quoted recently saying, “Bed bugs are just going ballistic everywhere. It is going to really rock this country.”

Bed bugs are found today in hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, delivery vehicles, dry cleaners, jails, hospitals, churches, cruise ships, furniture rental stores, and private homes. Rare for a time, bed bug bites are becoming all too common once again.

Most known pesticides are no longer effective at getting rid of bed bugs. But lucky for you, we’ve got other treatment options under our belt to get rid of and prevent bed bugs.

Need Help Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

Our bed bug heat treatment gets rid of bed bugs without harming the environment. This treatment utilizes unbearable heat to kill bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind. Killing bed bugs with heat can wipe out an entire infestation in a single application. Therefore, our heat treatment for bed bugs more cost effective than chemical alternatives.

Learn how our bed bug exterminators utilize this highly-effective heat treatment for bed bugs in our Bed Bug FAQ!

Help prevent an outbreak before it happens, Our certified mattresses & covers keep bed bugs at bay

Terminix Canada now has certified mattress and box spring covers available in a variety of sizes to help you avoid the nuisance of bed bugs. If you've had previous bed bug infestations and want to protect yourself and your family, these products will guarantee an easy night's rest - with no pests invading your bed and interrupting your peaceful dreams.

Terminix Canada will assist in the extermination of any existing bed bugs, and with these mattress and spring covers, we seal the deal so that they will not be returning. We take it into our hands to be a proactive company - getting rid of bed bugs before they get to you.

Our mattress and covers are available to be ordered in twin size (single), double size (full), and queen and king sizes. Please contact us for more information on pricing, availability and how they work.

Is your home or establishment under siegefrom a pesky bed bug infestation?

Click the links above to explore our numerous bed bug heat treatment options, and decide what's right for you!

The Discovery Channel's Verminators Destroys Bed Bugs with ThermaPureHeat®

Bed Bugs Bite is an episode on the popular Discovery Channel's show in which ThermaPureHeat® is featured. In this episode, Mike Masterson of ISOTECH Pest Management, a ThermaPure® licensee, takes his crew and the Discovery Channel cameras to Bakersfield, California, to solve a bed bug epidemic affecting several homes and families. In this video reproduction of a portion of the Verminators episode, ISOTECH demonstrates the use of ThermaPureHeat® to resolve this problem. Because of the severity of this infestation, Mike believes the ThermaPure® process is the only solution.

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