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Spider Control from Terminix: When Rolled-Up Newspapers Aren’t Enough

Spiders are familiar house pests that always overstay their welcome.

They crawl into homes through cracks and crevasses, open doors, windows, and screens, and make nests in damp, dark, warm places. Spider infestations are very common in homes, as their population outnumbers humans 18:1. Thankfully, most spiders in Ontario aren’t a threat to humans.


Common Types of Spiders in Ontario

Remember, even a small spider invasion can turn into a full-blown takeover quicker than you think; a single spider’s egg sac can contain 100-500 eggs, with females commonly producing several sacs over the season.

spider-preventionOnce that second generation starts laying eggs, your basement might start looking like Shelob’s lair!

Don’t get caught in the spiders’ web. Terminix Canada’s spider extermination team is experienced in removing house spiders, cellar spiders, wolf spiders, brown recluse spiders, and any other eight-legged creatures crawling around your home – meaning the best way to get rid of spiders is through our specialized spider control services.

We use safe and effective spider control to get rid of spiders currently residing in your home, while employing spider prevention techniques to impede infestations from reoccurring.

If your spidey senses are starting to tingleContact us for spider extermination

From spider prevention to spider extermination, we'll help you get rid of spiders one way or another. Call Terminix Canada or fill out our form to discuss how our spider control services can help your multi-legged problems!

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