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Clean Up Your Raccoon Problem
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Resolve Any Raccoon Problems with Safe & Humane Wildlife Control from Toronto’s Raccoon Removal Experts

Raccoons leave behind torn garbage bags, topped bins, and trash littering your yard.

We understand you’re tired of picking up garbage, and spending double on disposable garbage bags. You need effective, permanent solutions to your raccoon problems.

Terminix Canada offers humane wildlife control services in Toronto and throughout southern Ontario. In other words, this safely removes raccoons from your roof, under your porch, and even in your walls. We get rid of raccoons by only employ environmentally-safe & humane wildlife removal methods. We prefer a proactive approach whenever possible. Part of our pest control plan includes exclusion. Raccoons will naturally find their way off your property via this process.

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Integrated Pest Management: 4 Steps in Removing Raccoons

Steps to remove raccoons

We use integrated pest management as the foundation of our wildlife removal plans. We mix and match a variety of the natural wildlife control techniques to minimize the use of pesticides: Inspection: Our raccoon removal team examines every part of your home, inside and out, for raccoon entry ways, and why your property is attracting pests in the first place. Monitoring: Terminix’s team will diligently monitor raccoon activity in and around your home to devise a safe & humane solution to your unique raccoon infestation. Trapping: With strict bylaws regulating trapping raccoons on residential properties, you can rest assured our professional raccoon removal team is knowledgeable and adheres to Ontario’s restrictions. We trap raccoons using the safest, most humane techniques in the industry. Exclusion: Finally, once the raccoons are trapped, we encourage them to find their way off your property with a number of natural methods that are safe for both your family and the wildlife. Once your raccoon problem is gone, it’s gone for good as we set up raccoon deterrents around your home.

Your services have always been exceptional since my first pest inspection with you five years ago. I have continued to schedule services with your pleasant and well-informed techs over the years, as well as referring many of my friends and family. Thank you! Pests hate you - which is why we LOVE you!

Jay Leinad - Mississauga, Ontario

Great service and friendly staff! Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Coby Elimelech - Toronto, Ontario

Terminix Canada is big on customer service: every time that I call, I feel like I am the most valued customer. The way they treat me and my concerns, as well as the way they treat my home for pests, is what makes me keep coming back to them.

Alex Okyob - Barrie, Ontario

Clean Up Your Raccoon Problem