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Hotel Pest Control: Accommodate Your Guests, Exterminate Your Pests

Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and other overnight accommodations are prime targets for pests.

The large volume of people who come through your doors each month, and the abundance of food served in on-site restaurants and through room service, make your location an ideal bulls-eye for hungry pests looking for a free buffet.

Travelers are particularly susceptible to unknowingly transporting pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches, especially if they’ve recently visited tropical or warm climates where these pests thrive year round. Pests can stowaway on travelers’ luggage, too.

If you suspect your hotel or place of accommodation is the target of a pest infestation, handling the situation immediately with hotel pest control is essential in preventing it from escalating. If a guest or any of your staff report a situation, it is imperative that you call a commercial pest control company that specializes in hotel pest control immediately.

Terminix Canada specializes in these Commercial Pest Control Services:

Preventative pest control services can keep your hotel’s reputation from being tarnished by a pest problem that’s gotten out of control. The key to maintaining your hotel’s reputation when dealing with a pest infestation is to handle it swiftly and decisively with proper hotel room pest control, so your guests’ experience is impacted as little as possible.

Accomodate your guestsnot pests

If you need to clear up a pest situation in your hotel or accommodation, or have any reason to believe there may be pests lingering in your hotel, don’t hesitate to call Terminix Canada for our pest control services!

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