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Permanently Eliminate Your Bed Bug Infestation with Innovative Heat Treatments

Bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to common pesticides. Soon they will develop immunities to traditional, chemical-based bed bug treatments. With bed bug control more difficult than ever before, getting rid of bed bugs from clothes, floors and furniture is a nuisance.

The solution? Bring on the heat.

Terminix Canada utilizes progressive bed bug control to efficiently tackle wily bed bug infestations. Environmentally-safe and non-invasive, these innovative bed bug heat treatments are the best in the bed bug removal business. Raising, and maintaining home room temperatures above the bed bug thermal death point eliminates entire infestations in one application. Most bed bug adults and nymphs in your home will die off within 15 minutes!

Heat things up in your home! Exterminate your bed bug problem permanently get in touch to schedule a FREE bed bug inspection!

Why Bed Bug Heat Treatments Are Safer Than Harmful, Chemical-Based Alternatives:

Bed bug heat treatments Ontario

My office constantly has meetings with big, important clients. We don't want any unwanted pests to cause distraction from our business, so we always turn to Terminix Canada when we come across a bug of any kind. Terminix Canada has never failed to locate the issue and keep our office pristinely maintained - always free of bugs and pests!

Bob Baddeley - Toronto, Ontario

Great service and friendly staff! Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Coby Elimelech - Toronto, Ontario

Your services have always been exceptional since my first pest inspection with you five years ago. I have continued to schedule services with your pleasant and well-informed techs over the years, as well as referring many of my friends and family. Thank you! Pests hate you - which is why we LOVE you!

Jay Leinad - Mississauga, Ontario

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