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Our professional extermination services will solve all your pest problems

Terminix Canada offers a range of specialized pest extermination services and remedial services to home and business owners across Ontario. Locate one of our expert Terminix divisions below to handle even the messiest of pest infestations.

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Eliminate bed bugs for good with bed bug removal from Terminix Canada. Our team utilizes a range of treatments including chemical, heat, and freeze treatments that ensure the troublesome critters are gone for good.
Our ant removal division specializes in finding and removing all types of ants found in Canada. Call us to kill carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and pavement ants!
Terminix Canada’s bee, hornet, and wasp control division is expertly trained in locating hidden bee and wasp nests, and safely and effectively eliminating the threat.

Integrated Pest Management
Eco-Friendly Pest Removal
2016 Consumer Choice award for central GTA